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58為政章第五十八To govern by not-governing

其政悶悶,Where the ruler is inactive and dull其民淳淳。The people are simple and happy.其政察察,Where the ruler is bright, and active,其民缺缺。The  people are wily and discontented.禍兮福之所倚,Bad fortune is what good fortune leans on,福兮禍之所伏。Good fortune is what bad fortune hides in.孰知其極?Who knows the ultimate end of this process ?其無正。Is there no norm of right?正復為奇,Yet what is normal soon becomes abnormal,善復為妖,And what is auspicious soon turns ominous.人之迷。其日固久。Long indeed have the people been in a quandary.是以聖人方而不割,Therefore, the Sage squares without cutting,廉而不劌,carves without disfiguring,直而不肆,straightens without straining,光而不耀。enlightens without dazzling.






59長生章第五十九Spend lesser to stay longer

治人事天,In governing a people and in servint? Heaven,莫若嗇。There is nothing like frugality.夫唯嗇,To be frugal是謂早服。Is to return before straying.早服謂之重積德。To return before straying is to have a double reserve of Virtue.重積德,則無不克。To have a double reserve or Virtue is to overcome everything.無不克,則莫知其極。To overcome everything is to reach an invisible height.莫知其極,可以有國。Only he who has reached an invisible height can have-a kingdom有國之母,可以長久。Only he who has got the Mother of a kingdom can last long.是謂深根固柢,This is the way to be deep-rooted and firm-planted in the Tao,長生久視之道。The secret of long life and lasting vision.






60大國章第六十Lesser rulings for a Bigger ruler.

治大國若烹小鮮。Ruling a big kingdom is like cooking a small fish.以道莅天下,When a man of Tao reigns over the world,其鬼不神。demons have no spiritual powers.非其鬼不神,Not that the demons have no spiritual powers,其神不傷人。but the spirits themselves do no harm to men.非其神不傷人,Not that the spirits do no harm to men,聖人亦不傷人。but the Sage himself does no harm to his people.夫兩不相傷,If only the ruler and his people would refrain from harmingeach other,故德交歸焉。all the benefits of life would accumulate in the kingdom.






61居下章第六十一The Efficiency of Modesty

大國者下流。A great country is like the lowland toward which all streams flow.天下之交It is the Reservoir of all under heaven,天下之牝。the Feminine of the world.牝常以靜勝牡,The Feminine always conquers the Masculine by her quietness,以靜爲下by lowering herself through her quietness.故大國以下小國,Hence, if a great country can lower itself before a small country,則取小國;it will win over the small country;小國以下大國,and if a small country can lower itself before a great country,則取大國。it will win over the great country.故或下以取The one wins by stooping the other,或下而取。by remaining low.大國不過欲兼畜人。What a great country wants is simply to embrace more people;小國不過欲入事人。and what a small country wants is simply to come to serve its patron.夫兩者各得其所。Thus, each gets what it wants.欲大者宜爲下。But it behooves a great country to lower itself.






62贊道章第六十二The Indispensable Tao

道者萬物之奧,The fao is the hidden Reservoir of all things.善人之寶,A treasure to the honest,不善人之所保。it is a safeguard to the erring.美言可以市,A good word will fina its own market.尊行可以加人。A good deed may be used as a gift to another.人之不善,That a man is straying from the right path何弃之有?Is no reason that he should be cast away.故立天子,Hence,at the Enthronement of an Emperor,置三公,Or at the Installation of the Three Dukes,雖有拱璧Let others offer their discs of jade,以先駟馬,following it up with, teams of horses;不如坐進此道。It is better for you to offer the Tao without moving your feet!古之所以貴此道者何?Why did the ancients prize the Tao?不曰以求得,Is it nor because by virtue of it he who seeks finds,有罪以免耶?And the guilty are forgiven?故爲天下貴。That is why it is such a treasure to the world.






63源頭章第六十三The key to Success

爲無爲。Do the Non-Ado.事無事。Strive for the effortless.味無味。Savour the savourless.大小多少。Exalt the low. Multiply the few.報怨以德。Requite injury with kindness. 圖難于其易。Nip troubles in the bud.爲大于其細。Sow the great in the small.天下難事必作于易。Difficult things of the world Can only be tackled when they are easy.天下大事必作于細。Big things of the world Can only be achieved by attending to their small beginnings.是以聖人終不爲大,Thusthe Sage never has to grapple with big things,故能成其大。Yet he alone is capable of achieving them !夫輕諾必寡信。He who promises lightly must be lacking in faith.多易必多難。He who thinks everything easy will end by finding everything difficult.是以聖人猶難之,故終無難矣。Thereforethe Sage, who regards everything as difficult, Meets with no difficulties in the end.






64輔物章第六十四The predictable Evolution

其安易持。What is at rest is easy to hold.其未兆易謀。What manifests no omens is easily forestalled.其脆易泮。What is fragile is easily shattered.其微易散。What is small is easily scattered.爲之于未有,Tackle things before they have appeared.治之于未亂。Cultivate peace and order before confusion and disorderhave set in.合抱之木生于毫末。A tree as big as a man's embrace springs from a tiny sprout.九層之台,起于累土。A tower nine stories high begins with a heap of earth.千里之行始于足下。A journey of a thousand leagues starts from where your feet stand.爲者敗之,He who fusses over anything spoils it.執者失之。He who grasps anything loses it.是以聖人無爲故無敗,The Sage fusses over nothing and therefore spoils nothing.無執故無失。He grips at nothing and therefore loses nothing.民之從事,常于幾成而敗之。In handling affairs, people often spoil them just at the point of success.慎終如始,則無敗事。With heedfulness in the beginning and patience at the end, nothing will be spoiled. 是以聖人欲不欲,therefore, the Sage desires to be desireless.不貴難得之貨;Sets no value on rare goods,學不學,Learns to unlearn his learning,複衆人之所過:And induces the masses to return from where they have overpassed.以輔萬物之自然而不敢爲。He only helps all

creatures to find their own nature, But does not venture to lead them by the nose.






65大順章第六十五An Ideal Civilization

古之善爲道者,In the old days, those who were well versed in the practice of the Tao非以明民,did not try to enlighten the people,將以愚之。but rather to keep them in the state of simplicity. For,民之難治,why are the people hard to govern?以其智多。Because they are too clever!故以智治國,國之賊。Thereforehe who governs his state with cleverness is its malefactor;不以智治國,國之福。but he who governs his state without resorting to cleverness is its benefactor.知此兩者亦稽式。To know these two principles is to possess a rule and a measure.常知稽式, To keep the rule and the measure constantly in your mind是謂元德。 is what we call Mystical Virtue.元德深矣,遠矣, Deep and far-reaching is Mystical Virtue! 與物反矣,然後乃至大順。It leads all things to return, till they come back to Great Harmony!






66善下章第六十六The Power of Amicability

江海所以能爲百谷王者How does the sea become the king of all streams?以其善下之Because it lies lower than they故能爲百谷王。Hence it is the king of all streams.是以欲上民Thereforethe Sage reigns over the people by必以言下之humbling himself in speech欲先民必以身後之。And leads the people by putting himself behind.是以聖人處上而民不重,Thus it is that when a Sage stands above the people, theydo not feel the heaviness of his weight;處前而民不害。And when he stands in front of the people, they do not feel hurt.是以天下樂推而不厭。Therefore all the world is glad to push him forward without getting tired of him.以其不爭,故天下莫能與之爭。Just because he strives with nobody, Nobody can ever strive with him.




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