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67三寶章第六十七The Three Principles

天下皆謂我道大,All the world says that my Tao is great,似不肖。but seems queer,夫唯大,like nothing on earth. But it is just because my lao is great故似不肖。that it is like notning on earth. If it were like anything on earth,若肖,久矣其細也夫!how small it would have been from the very beginning!我有三寶,I have Three Treasures,持而保之。which I hold fast and watch over closely.一曰慈。The first is Mercy.二曰儉。The second is Frugality.三曰不敢爲天下先,The third is Not Daring to Be First in the World.慈故能勇。Because I am merciful, therefore I can be brave.儉故能廣。Because I am frugal, therefore I can be generous.不敢爲天下先,故能成器長。Because I dare not be first, therefore I can be the chief of all vessels.今舍慈且勇。If a man wants to be brave without first being merciful,舍儉且廣,generous without first being frugal,舍後且先,a leader without first wishing to follow,死矣。he is only courting death!夫慈以戰則勝,Mercy alone can help you to win a war.以守則固。Mercy alone can helpyou to defend your state.天將救之,以慈衛之。For Heaven will come to the rescue of the merciful, and protect him with its Mercy.








68不爭章第六十八Formidable Warrior

善爲士者不武。A good soldier is never aggressive善戰者不怒。A good fighter is never angry.善勝敵者不與。The best way of conquering an enemy Is to win him over by not antagonizing him.善用人者爲之下。The best way of employing a man

Is to serve under him.是謂不爭之德。This is called the virtue of non-striving!是謂用人之力。This is called using the abilities of men!是謂配天古之極。This is called being wedded to Heaven as of old!






69用兵章第六十九The Strategy of Inferiorityness

用兵有言The strategists have a saying「吾不敢爲主而爲客I dare not be a host, but rather a guest不敢進寸而退尺。I dare not advance an inchbut rather retreat a foot.」是謂行無行,This is called marching without moving,欉無臂,Rolling up one's sleeves without baring one's arms,扔無敵,Capturing the enemy without confronting him,執無兵。Holding a weapon that is invisible.禍莫大于輕敵,There is no greater calamity than to under-strength of your enemy.輕敵幾喪吾寶。For to under-estimate the strength of your enemy is to lose your treasure.故杭兵相加哀者勝矣。Therefore, when opposing troops meet in battle, victory belongs to the grieving side.







70悲世章第七十Have mercy on the World-wide-Dyslexia

吾言甚易知My words arc very easy to understand,甚易行。and very easy to practise天下莫能知莫能行。But the world cannot understand them, nor practise them. 言有宗事有君。My words have an Ancestor. My deeds have a Lord.夫唯無知,The people have no knowledge of this.是以不我知Therefore, they have no knowledge of me. 知我者希,The fewer persons know me,則我者貴。The nobler are they that follow me.是以聖人被褐懷玉。Therefore, the Sage wears coarse clothes, While keeping the jade in nis bosom.







知不知To realize that our knowledge is ignorance,上。This is a noble insight.不知知To regard our ignorance as knowledge,病。This is mental sickness.夫唯病病Only when we are sick of our sickness是以不病。Shall we cease to be sick.聖人不病。The Sage is not sick,以其病病,being sick of sickness是以不病。This is the secret of health.






72畏威章第七十二The Intimidation Effect

民不畏威,When the people no longer fear your power’則大威至。It is a sign that a greater power is coming.無狎其所居。Interfere not lightly with their dwelling,無厭其所生。Nor lay heavy burdens upon their livelihood.夫唯不厭,Only when you cease to weary them,是以不厭。They will cease to be wearied of you.是以聖人自知不自見,Therefore, the Sage knows himself, But makes no show of himself;自愛不自貴。Loves nimself, But does not exalt himself.

故去彼取此。He prefers what is within to what is without.






73天網章第七十三Within the Tenet

勇於敢則殺,He who is brave in daring will be killed:勇於不敢則活。He who is brave in not daring will survive.此兩者,或利或害。Of these two kinds of bravery, one is beneficial while the other proves harmful.天之所惡,Some things are detested by Heaven孰知其故?But who knows the reason是以聖人猶難之。Even the Sage is baffled by such a question.天之道不爭而善勝,It is Heaven's Way to conquer without striving,不言而善應,To get responses without speaking,不召而自來,To induce the people to come without summoning, 然而善謀。To act according to plans without haste.天網恢恢,Vast is Heaven's net疏而不失。Sparse-meshed it is, and yet Nothing can slip through it.






74大匠章第七十四 Kill and be Killed; Folly cost Dearly.

民不畏死,When the people are no longer afraid of death,奈何以死懼之?Why scare them with the spectre of death?若使民常畏死,If you could make the people always afraid of death,而為奇者,And they still persisted in breaking the law吾得執而殺之,Then you might with reason arrest and execute them,孰敢?And who would dare to break the law?常有司殺者殺。Is not the Great executor always there to kill?夫代司殺者殺,To do the killing for the Great Executor是謂代大匠斫。Is to chop wood for a master carpenter,夫代大匠斫者,And those who chop for the Great Executor希有不傷其手矣! Seldom would be lucky indeed if they did not hurt their own hand!







75貴生章第七十五Poverty is there to create the Rich.

民之譏,Why are the people starving?以其上食稅之多,Because those above them are taxing them too heavily.是以譏。That is why they are starving.民之難治,Why are the people hard to manage?以其上之有為,Because those above them are fussy and have private ends to serve.是以難治。That is why they are hard to manage.民之輕死,Why do the people make light of death?以其上求生之厚,Because those above them make too much of life.是以輕死。That is why they make light of death.夫唯無以生為者,The people have simply nothing to live upon!是賢於貴生。They know better than to value such a life!






76柔弱章第七十六 Tender lasts longer, Weaker stays Stronger

人之生也VVnen a man is living柔弱。he is soft and supple.其死也,堅強。When he is dead, he becomes hard and rigid.萬物草木之生也,When a plant is living,柔脆。it is soft and tender.其死也When it is dead,枯槁。it becomes withered and dry.故堅強者,死之徒。Hence, the hard and rigid belongs to the company of the dead:柔弱者,生之徒。The soft and supple belongs to the company of the living.是以兵強則不勝,Therefore, a mighty army tends to fall by its own weight,木強則兵。Just as dry wood is ready for the axe.強大處下,The mighty and great will be laid low:柔弱處上。The humble and weak will be exalted.







77張弓章第七十七 The Law of Equilibrium

天之道,Perhaps the Way of Heaven其猶張弓與。may be likened to the stretching of a composite bow!高者抑之,下者舉之。The upper part is depressed, while the lower is raised.有狳者損之,If the bow-string is too longit is cut short:不足者補之。if too shortit is added to.天之道,損有狳而補不足The Way of Heaven diminishes the more-than-enough

 to supply the less-than-enough.。人之道,則不然;The way of man is different:損不足以奉有狳。it takes from the less-than-enough to swell the more-than-enough.孰能有餘以奉天下?Who except a man of the Tao can put his superabundant riches to the service of the world?唯有道者是以聖人為而不恃,Therefore, the Sage does his work without setting any store by it,功成而不處。accomplishes his task without dwelling upon it.其不欲見賢。He does not want his merits to be seen.






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